1501 Townley Drive — Meadowthorpe

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Several years ago I had the great fortune to work with a marvelous young buyer-client who was looking for a home that would provide complete accessibility for a wheelchair.  Helping her to find the perfect home was an interesting challenge and I learned about universal design principals in the process.  For example, while wanting a single floor, ranch home seems like an obvious start, there are other factors that play a big role in making a home truly livable for someone who might have mobility challenges.  Wider doors, room to turn around, no steps at entryways, large showers with no steps, accessible kitchen space are all great features that make life much easier but are not necessarily features that are easy to find.  And, finding those features in a home that’s clean, attractive and move-in ready?  Even more challenging.

We found a home that was a great start and my client and her fiance made it an even better home!  They renovated the masterbath, remodeled the kitchen, updated lighting, installed new hardwood floors, and turned a great, one-level home into something even better — a home that anyone would love whether they want universal design features or not.  This fabulous ranch is comfortable, neutral, low maintenance and has a great lay-out for entertaining! In addition, the established Meadowthorpe neighborhood is one that residents adore with quiet, tree-lined streets and convenient location inside New Circle Road.  Life has called the owners in a different direction now and I’m excited to be able to offer this fantastic property to a new owner! 

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