2037 Dellwood Drive, Lexington, KY 40503

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I confess that I’ve been anticipating listing this home for a while now.  Yes, I sort of covet certain homes to list because they are fabulous in a special way.  This is one of those homes because the sellers are people with incredibly good taste, the home is in a great area and it’s a fantastic home inside and out — curb appeal, really nice updates and a flexible floor plan that would be livable for all kinds of people.  I should also mention that it has gorgeous hardwood floors and the kind of backyard that I think of as the perfect size.  Oh yeah, you can also walk to Trader Joe’s from here which makes me think that it would be easy to get takeaway Chinese from  Panda,  too. 

I’m a big fan of the cute mid-century Cape Cod with a finished second floor.  This home, so like the adorable ones you’ll find along Hart, Cochran and Mount Vernon over in Chevy Chase, is much like those cuties but beats them out for having a much nicer price tag.  Dellwood is quiet street, with little to no traffic, that is lined with mature trees but is easily accessible to great schools, shopping, UK’s campus and downtown.

Check out more pictures under my Featured Listings tab.  You’ll see why I love this house so much! 


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